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  • Course Cost: $799
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Woodland Survival

Course Duration: 5 Days

Course Skill: Intermediate

If you are an avid outdoorsman, have you ever thought of what you would do if you were lost in the woods by yourself? At the end of our course you won’t have to wonder anymore. Over the course of five days our military trained veterans will lead you step by step through a realistic woodland survival situation. Our instructors will help the students gain the confidence and skills that are necessary to survive the wilderness.

Students will receive instruction on
the most important aspects of survival including: the psychology of survival, finding and making shelter, finding and purifying water, primitive fire making techniques, tracking and hunting, finding and cooking food, signaling, and land navigation using minimal gear and natural resources.

Instructors will be there every step of the way surviving right alongside the students, guiding them through the process, and answering all questions along the way. Remember this is a very real survival course where you will be forced to use the skills taught in order to survive the five days. The knowledge and skills gained may save your life.

Enrollment in this course includes a Brumal Tactical survival kit, a $175 value!